Monday, 3 April 2017

John McGuinness and his happiest fan

                        This guy

Photo shoot at the TT Grandstand, John McGuinness book signing. This guy, first in the queue. Possibly the happiest fan of any rider I've ever seen and photographed. John McGuinness, one the all  nicest riders, celebrities, people all round nice guy you will ever meet. The super fan, one of many waiting patiently for a snap with the motorbike race legend, and purchase his hand signed book. It's all part of the Isle of Man TT Races. As I left, I could still hear the guy laughing. Whatever part of the world he'd traveled from, he'll always be remembered as the happiest fan to me. If anyone knows who he is, pass on this post. I'd love him to have the original large file of the image.  2014 Isle of Man TT Races, TT Grandstand