Friday, 23 February 2018

Chasing sidecars

   You wait for ages, then 3 come at once

Not just motorbikes, sidecars are a big part of the two week race event.  Not always 3 in a line, though I have seen 4 sidecars, 2 side by side, pass this corner. Also seen many breakdown here. Taken from the back alley of Taubman street. If you're quick enough to pan the camera you'll capture the wingman hanging off the back. Or 3 of them in this case.

The Central

                          Fancy a pint

One of best places in Ramsey to watch or photograph the TT races from is this corner on Parliament Square and Leazayre Road,The Central pub,  Undoubtedly the busiest pub in town during the two week race period due to it's prime location (and great staff ) with an outside seating area out rear entrance and the front pictured right on course side. Get in early for that pint though or you'll have a long wait.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Closer to the edge......

                                                              ........of the seat

Nothing like being prepared and doing things in style. It's a long wait if you get there early. Park yourself opposite the pubs and next to the takeaway joints and bask (or bake in leathers on a hot day) in the sunshine. 

Isle of Man TT 2015

The Photographers

                            Got it

The white bibs indicate these guys are part of the official photographers of varied media publications you'll find around the course. Positioned in front of the safety barriers along the course, or in this case, in front of the cordoned off Swan Pub. Bibs are usually numbered individually, except the year when everyone bore the number 001, printed in error. That would be this one then. 

Parliament Square, Ramsey, Isle of Man TT 2013

Saturday, 23 September 2017

En route to the Hairpin

                         On my way.....

.....upwards to the Hairpin, Ramsey.  That was the plan, to capture evening practice from the top as the bikes turn through the Hairpin. Somehow this became stop and swap lenses for a different view. Practice week for the bikes and photographers. View from (almost) the top,

Isle of Man TT 2015

Thursday, 21 September 2017


         Must be Mad Sunday.........

.......where fancy dress isn't compulsory to ride the TT course, on race day off but it all adds to the fun. Bananaman was closely followed by, Batman, Superman and the Pink Panther. 

Isle Of Man TT, 2010

More TT tourists images here

Ramsey Sprint, Isle of Man TT

                     Balancing act

Races day off, why not head North of the island to Ramsey, for Ramsey Day.  The stunt display team showing how it's done along Mooragh Promenade.

Isle of Man TT 2008